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 Dark Lady

Delivering songs of blistering emotion and operatic theatricality, Dark Lady was summoned by the glam gods to create hair-flipping beauty out of the miseries in life and love. ​ The upcoming album DRAMA is comprised of 10 songs traversing the complete narrative of romantic desire. Harmonic stacks of guitar and spell binding vocal operatics embrace audiences in a waterfall of cascading textures and avant pop melancholia. ​ Taking the etherial circus on the road, Dark Lady's electric musicality and onstage dramatics would make Alice Cooper proud, and Shakespeare blush. From a band led by one of the most renown burlesque stars in the world, Ariana Savalas, audiences should expect nothing less.




Ariana Savalas

A long and winding road led ARIANA SAVALAS from attending a Catholic convent school, to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art studying Shakespeare in London, to international burlesque stardom and gaining fame as a renowned rock singer and songwriter.


The world was introduced to Ariana Savalas through her collaborations with POSTMODERN JUKEBOX, which have garnered hundreds of millions of views online and repeatedly reached #1 on the iTunes charts. She has since traveled the world on tour, from Vienna to Singapore, performing for the masses in legendary venues such as Radio City Music Hall, The Greek Theater, the O2 in London, and the Las Vegas strip.


A singer, songwriter, dancer, and multi-instrumentalist, the Savalas has solidified herself as the musical burlesque queen and the mistress of the modern Moulin Rouge. Now, in the genesis of her band DARK LADY, Ariana delves even further into the alternative and avant garde depths of her artistry.  The profound, mysterious, mischievous, and somehow erotic songs in Savalas' repetoire are reminiscent of the art-pop stars in the days of Annie Lennox and David Bowie while simultaneously harkening to the dark, mystical world of the Weimar German Cabarets and Parisian Burlesques which formed Savalas’ life and career. 

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